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Our Airplane

1946 Piper J3C-65 Cub N7238H

The Piper Cub was the foundation of pilot training for thousands of newcomers to the field during and after World War II. Ours has a 90-horsepower engine, seaplane propeller, and auxiliary fuel tank for greater performance and reliability into the 21st century. There is something about the control harmony, classic looks, and ease of a Cub that has attracted pilots to them for nearly a century. We're proud to say that it's our business to introduce a new generation of pilots to this exceptional airplane.

Available for rental from $150/hour.

Solo rental not permitted.


Luc Zipkin

Owner & CFI

Luc learned to fly in gliders first, in the mountains of northern Vermont, before transitioning to classic taildraggers. Today, he has flown 25+ different types of vintage and tailwheel aircraft in a variety of professional, non-profit, and personal contexts.

He is a flight instructor in single-engine airplanes, and licensed as a Commercial Pilot in single-engine land- and seaplanes, multi-engine airplanes, and gliders. Away from Goodspeed Flying Service, he is a second-in-command on the DC-3 with the Tunison Foundation, a pilot and leader in the Commemorative Air Force, an aviation writer, and an undergraduate at nearby Wesleyan University.

Ground and dual instruction in our Cub at $50/hour.

Instruction in your aircraft starting at $75/hour.

Flight Log

Instruction completed to date

Graham Ramsden, tailwheel intro 7/2024

Tim Wilson, tailwheel intro 7/2024

Ben England, tailwheel intro 6/2024

Emilio Arce, C170 intro 6/2024

Walter Rijkse, tailwheel endorsement 5/2024

Katarzyna Duszkiewicz-Cenda, AR11 transition 4/2024

Emilio Arce, C180 intro 4/2024

Sebastian Arce, tailwheel intro 4/2024

Emilio Arce, tailwheel recurrent 4/2024

Clara McGee, tailwheel endorsement 3/2024

Echo Atkins, J-3 intro 2/2024

Eric Mobiglia, BFR/tailwheel intro 2/2024

Garrett Fleishman, C180 recurrent 2/2024

Ben Smith, C180 intro 2/2024

Jack Dennis, tailwheel endorsement 1/2024

​Elliott Martin, C180 intro 1/2024

Isaiah Gershon, Skywagon intro 1/2024

Jesse Farnham, C140 BFR 12/2023

Clara McGee, tailwheel intro 12/2023

Will Drake, tailwheel intro 12/2023

Katia Michals, tailwheel intro 12/2023

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